Web template framework. Bring event routing and element creation together quickly and completely.

The Concept

TempLang was born from the idea that the most time-consuming part of front-end developemnt is element binding, data-population, and event routing. TempLang seeks to define a simple syntax where listeners are positioned to take care of the common stuff.

This experimental approach leads to automatic binding... but... it moves the complexity of development up into the definition of the event relationships.


The objectives of the framework are as follows:

The Big Idea

Create a Domain Specific Langauge for selectors which wires up most of a front-ends behaviour and element population.

Similar to how shorthand was an abbreviated langauge for note-taking during speaches, this DSL is an abreviated version of the common tasks in front end development.

Here are the characters used in the selectors and what they represent.

Under The Hood

There are four main workhorses: